I was born in Moscow in 1979. In 2003 I graduated S.G. Stroganov Moscow State University of Art and Industry with the specialty in monumental and decorative arts (1997-2003). During my university days I took part in creating monumental reliefs in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (the Holy Synod’s Hall) in Moscow under the guidance of the Dean of my faculty, a great and talented sculptor of modern times, A.N. Burganov.
Since 2004 I have started to be engaged into private practice in Europe in the field of easel painting. In 2005 I set up an art workshop in Moscow, which was engaged in wall paintings and other types of monumental art in the interiors and exteriors of residential and public buildings.
Since 2008 the workshop has got involved in a difficult and responsible work in temple art and restoration of architectural monuments.
In 2011 I received a personal thank-you letter with a blessing from the Metropolitan Kirinsky Athanasius.

I also want to tell you about what motivates me as a painter.

When I travel through cities and countries and visit galleries, I often see a purely commercial approach to art. Virtuosity of technique is considered to be the quality benchmark in art. We see many landscapes, still-lifes and flowers, which people like to buy. However, the main goal of my pictures is to drive some internal need both to trigger emotions and call for thinking. When I paint, I seek to assign a profound meaning in my pictures. If I start painting a picture, I seek to give it a complex, philosophical concept. I think that pictures should not be created quickly. The painter should live with the picture while creating, and leave a part of him/her and his/her life experience in that picture. I do not like very expensive abstract art, because I often see just an attempt to simulate ideas and falseness in it. Where there is falseness, there is no soul. Where there is no soul, there is no art as such. For me the ideal creator is a person who is capable not only to feel, but also to think, and vice versa - not only to think, but also to feel.